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Brick Cladding – Brick Cutting & Bonding Service

RetroCladding offers a complete Brick Cutting & Bonding service for our customers without the frustrations of manufacturers 4-6 week lead time for the production of manufactured brick specials. We have developed a sophisticated operation capable of meeting any order size or detail and we offer a guaranteed 5 working day service of working stock.

We produce an array of cut & bonded specials such as

  • brick slips
  • brick doglegs
  • brick butterflies
  • brick squints
  • brick copings
  • brick cappings
  • brick cants (single brick cants and double brick cants)
  • cill bricks
  • brick pistols
  • brick arches
  • prefabricated brick arches

Each of our orders are quality checked prior to despatch and we pride ourselves on our market leading quality plus we provide a full guarantee on all our products.

This is a fully independent service so if you have a brick that you purchased from another supplier we will take your product and produce the special of your choice, we can’t however guarantee the performance of your brick.

We have an in-house design team capable of producing detailed drawings and bespoke design solutions for your project. If you have any difficulty finding the right solution please call our offices and ask to speak with a member of our Brick Specials unit.

Brick Specials Unit

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