Brick Cladding: E-Board

E-Block: Ideal for both professionals and DIYers.

Do you like rolling up your sleeves? Or do you prefer working with a professional you trust?
Either way, E-Board is made for you. With this practical system, you can insulate your façade.

This do-it-yourself kit is based on a high-performance insulation panel combined with slips. However, the slips, the insulation panels, the adhesive and the screws are delivered to you as separate elements.

Here again, you can choose from the entire range of Vandersanden facing bricks, with over 100 shades in a wide range of styles.

The system is delivered to you ready to use straightaway. Thanks to the tongue and groove system, you can easily and quickly assemble the panels one next to the other. Then you can immediately put the brick sheets in place. The horizontal boards have the advantage of being easy to position well-aligned with the sheets. Furthermore, grooved sheets have an adherence force of 40% greater than smoother sheets.

With E-board again, you can choose from different thickness. And if you want, you can combine this system with hard insulation panels. This way, you can achieve any insulation value, even that for a passive house (U≤0.15W/m²K for the walls). The result: a significant energy saving and very quick return on investment.

So don’t wait. Get to work with E-board and feel the benefit of reduced energy bills, a comfortable home in both summer and winter and magnificent new brick façade of your dreams.

E-Board panels are manufactured with ECO-PSE, consisting of 94% air. The enclosed cellular structure traps this air and thus constitutes an excellent insulator. The material is solid, will retain its shape, is resistant to pressure and is impervious to humidity.


1. Apply the adhesive to the insulation panel.
2. Drill the holes.
3. Insert the nail anchors.
4. Comb on the adhesive.
5. Position the brick slip.
6. Point in.

Insulation Value

Insulation value improved through the addition of grpahite/aluminium/ carbon powder.

0.032 W/mK

Fire retardant

SE (Eurokl. E)



WF65/M65 dimensions

7 rows of bricks, height of rows 76mm.

1230mm x 532mm

WF50/M65 dimensions

9 rows of bricks, height of rows 62mm.

1230mm 558mm

Tongue and groove assembly


No dazzling effect thanks to the grey colour


EC Approved


Sample Photos

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