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Trade guideline for installation for E-Brick

The major benefit when fitting E-Brick panels is that they are easy, quick and clean. The stages of installation when fitting E-Brick panels are described below.

Stage 1

Fit a corner slip to the wall so that you start from a flat, clean base. The E-Brick system can be fitted to almost any existing outside wall.

Stage 2

Separate insulating corner slips are screwed on to cover the corners of the wall.

Stage 3

Attach the E-brick panels using stainless steel screws in the holes provided. The holes are drilled during manufacture. As standard, holes must be drilled for 9 screws. The higher the location of the work to be carried out, the higher the number of holes.



Stage 4

Apply silicon to the joints between the E-Brick panels to guarantee all is waterproof.

Stage 5

The corners of the wall, windows and doors are finished with corner slips supplied in the same colour of brick. Connecting slips are also fitted between individual E-Brick panels to finish the wall off. These slips and corner pieces are sustainable glued to the insulating layer.




Stage 6

When all panels, connecting slips and corner pieces have been fitted, the ensemble is pointed with a selecting grouting of choice.


The extensive range of colours of facing brick means that there is also a wide range of E-Brick colour available. There are two sizes of facing brick available in the E-Brick range: WF50 (215x50x20mm) and WF65 (215x65x20). In the E-Brick System, a 10mm wide joint us always provided. Zero or joint-free installation is not possible with this system.